How It Works

v1.0 – Last updated: 29/05/2023


When you have an item to sell, whether it’s a Car, Motor Bike, Earthing Moving Equipment, or an item in one of our many categories, click on the green “Sell” button then the red “Start Selling” button and fill in the form. This form, when submitted to, the staff will review your item for sale and list it on the auction platform, or the Buy Now option (whichever is agreed upon by the seller).

There is no need to transport your item/s to our auction site, as your beloved car or other possessions are kept in your safe care until sold and collected by the buyer.
Upon conclusion of the auction or “Buy Now” of your item, both you and the successful buyer will have their contact details digitally exchanged so as to facilitate the payment and pick up of your item.

The seller will receive from the buyer the full final bid price of the sold item, and there is absolutely no commission or costs charged to the seller. However, to sustain the auction process, a fee is charged to the buyer’s credit card (Buyer’s Premium) which is based on a percentage of the final bid price of the item, or in some cases, a minimum fee will be charged.

More Information

If you require more information, please contact us.