About Us

Welcome to you.bid, the exciting new online marketplace platform that is revolutionizing the way you buy and sell online between buyer and seller. Our mission is to make our marketplace easy, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone.

The concept of you.bid originated from our team’s deep involvement in various auctions, ranging from motor vehicles, earthmoving equipment, industrial machinery, real estate, and even racehorses. With our extensive experience and passion for auctions, we set out to create a marketplace platform that would cater to buyers and sellers across Australia, from major cities to remote areas and the outback. Where ever the internet tentacles reach.

Our primary objective is to empower sellers in both urban and remote areas to effortlessly sell their cars, trucks, buses, earthmoving and industrial equipment, horses, and other categories directly from their homes or business premises, eliminating the need to transport their items to physical auction locations. By utilizing the you.bid online platform, sellers can keep their goods, cars, and classic cars in their possession for safe-keeping until their items are sold, paid for, and ready for pick-up by the buyers.

Unlike most auction houses and online auction platforms that charge commissions to both buyers and sellers, you.bid stands apart. We offer a unique approach by allowing anyone to list and sell their items completely free of charge. However, to sustain this service, a platform fee is charged to the buyer for the items purchased.

We believe in empowering individuals, small businesses, and corporates offering them a fair chance to showcase their treasures and connect with a global audience. To ensure fairness, we have implemented stringent security measures to guarantee safe and transparent transactions. Our authentication and verification processes verify the credibility of sellers and the authenticity of products. Additionally, our system is designed to provide equal opportunities for all participants, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance of winning the items they desire.

Welcome to the you.bid experience, where our marketplace becomes hassle-free, exciting, and accessible to all.